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Green Policy

Hanworth Country Park encourages its employees to “be green at all times”. We focus on:


Reducing waste

Reducing energy consumption

Reusing material at every opportunity

Repair rather than replace (where appropriate)


Planting trees, shrubs and hedges – thereby sustaining habitats for local wildlife

Use of environmentally kind cleaning agents

We also encourage environmental best practice amongst our customers and the general public. We have recognised that Hanworth Country Park may have a direct or indirect effect on the local, regional and global environment – so with this in mind we are committed to reducing any harmful effects on the environment and promoting the understanding of sustainability in its broadest context.


Our green policy is constantly monitored to discover better ways of improving the way we work and provision our solutions to staff and customers.


Our policy is to:


Be a responsible corporate business

Ensure that all Hanworth Country Park team members share our commitment to the company’s green policy

Utilise raw materials and energy sparingly

Develop and regularly update our working business practices in order to continuously improve our environmental performance and carbon footprint reduction

Consider environmental impacts in our purchasing and retailing policies

In accordance with these principles, our current activities include: –


  1. Waste reduction

Hanworth Country Park is committed to various recycling schemes including:


Recycling office paper and cardboard

Recycling old computers

Recycling ink cartridges


  1. Energy and water saving

The nature of our business means we have extremely high energy and water consumption; however we are always looking at how to be more efficient. We endeavour to inform all guests about the positive impact they can have by conserving energy and water during their stay on park.


  1. Transport

We encourage the use of public transport – whether it be taxi, bus or train we have the information to hand to supply to our visitors.



Implementation of our environment policy is the overall responsibility of the company directors and management. However, with all our employees and visitors doing their bit to follow our “Green Policy” too, it will improve our green credentials further still.